Thursday, October 20, 2016

Student Review: The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

Kiera Cass, a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, wrote a series of books that are thoroughly enjoyed by many teen girls. The story is seen through the eyes of a girl, American Singer, who thinks she knows what love is, but is confused when she is forced to think about it. The plot of the books relates to the events occurring in the well known television series, “The Bachelor.” The similarity of a guy hoping to find his true love, the competitors creating enemies and allies, and the viewers picking favorites. The writing so exquisite, you feel all the emotions along with the girls and start taking sides as soon as the competitor’s themselves do.

These books known as the Selection Series, is a series composed of three main books, 2 sequels, and a couple novellas. The triad goes through a love story most wish for, but only some can have. The books being so successful, there have 3.5 million copies worldwide, and translated in 32 different languages. The Warner Brothers have seen these books so promising, they have bought the rights to create a movie following the love story of an underprivileged girl who competes for the heart of one prince, Maxon Schreave. I hope they follow “to a tee” the narrative Cass composed.  

The story falls in the future where war has separated the United States and a caste system is put in place. The caste system is there to keep the royalty higher than the peasants. It dictates what your profession is, who you are to marry, and overall your social status. America Singer, the main character, is a five out of seven, a low rating. Her hidden love, Aspen, is a 6 rating. The time has come for the prince to choose a spouse and most of the girls are eagerly awaiting the chance to fill in an application. America, despite what her boyfriend says, doesn’t want to enter.  Her family finally persuades her, saying there is no chance of her being picked, but still secretly hoping she would. As the drawings begin, the Singer’s sit around the TV. When America’s name is called to be one of the 35 competitors, a wave of emotion hits the house. When she is escorted to the palace she meets her best friend along with her possibly worst enemy. The story then winds around a love triangle of a girl who has to find the meaning of true love. Who will she choose?

The first three books were hard to put down, and if it weren’t for library wait lists, I would've read all in one week.  I love how Cass orchestrated the love triangle with hidden love. The first book began with a great start and it kept continuing forward as America and Maxon’s relationship deepened.  There were moments when I was angry with Maxon’s, Aspen’s, or America’s choices. The weeks I read the books consisted of long rants with my friends who enjoyed these books just as much as me.

Some might say that the books are too romantic or too girly, however I thought the books had a perfect amount of love with a lot of suspense and anticipation. Also, people might think it unrealistic that a girl wouldn’t change her personality just to please the royalty or the country.  However,  I think it's a good way to express that girls can still be strong in relationships, and that they shouldn’t conform to the world.

If I were to say my least favorite part, it would be the 2 sequel books. They were well written, but lacked a certain sense of anticipation as it goes through the same process for a princess who hates the thought of falling in love and giving her heart to someone. Though the end is a nail-biting finish, they weren’t nearly as interesting as the previous novels.

Overall, the Selection Series was a great read, especially if you are looking for a complicated love story and a plot that is great for summer nights, rainy days, and anywhere in between.

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