Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Student Review: Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox By Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox, By Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl Series, Bk. 6)

Most kids dream about magic creatures at some point in their lives. But sadly enough, kids stop believing around the age of 11. This is normal behavior. But the boy by the name of Artemis Fowl the Second is anything but normal. He is a criminal mastermind. He’s always been the smartest person in the room, and he’s proud of it. However, he’s decided to give up his criminal activities to pursue a life that is beneficial to others that are not himself. He came to this decision upon the influence of several fairies. Not the kind that flit about stealing teeth, but the kind with an advanced arsenal of weaponry that would put any army to shame. But he’s got one more adventure coming his way before he heads to the quiet life.

His mother is sick, and he needs a cure. Unfortunately, the only cure is to be found in the brain fluid of a lemur that Artemis himself made extinct almost eight years previously. It’s up to Artemis and Captain Holly Short, a close fairy friend of Artemis’s to stop the most formidable person in the world at that time: Artemis Fowl, age 10.

This book is probably one of my favorites in the series. Possibly number one. The entire situation feels completely believable, which is saying something about a book with time travel, demons, and fairies. All of that aside, the book is very believable. Artemis Fowl, both young and elder, are geniuses. This is understood from the way they speak and how they think. But the beauty of this book is that the reader never feels too dumb. I will admit that sometimes Artemis does something that completely threw me for a loop. But the book as a whole is written to compensate for the few moments where that happens.

As a whole, I recommend this book, and the entire Artemis Fowl series to any and everyone who enjoys a thrilling read that’s not taxing in the slightest in terms of enjoyment or awesomeness.
Reviewer: B.F.

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